Custom engineering

With over 100 engineers on staff worldwide, Valmont Structures can transform your concept to reality, creating structures that are as distinguished as they are durable.

Lighting structures

These days, flexibility, durability, utility and aesthetics not only describe requirements for lighting, but for the lighting structure as well. See how Valmont Structures exceeds these expectations.

Traffic structures

At Valmont Structures, we help the world’s traffic move efficiently and safely around town.

Mass transit structures

Busy urban centers require mass transit that can keep pace—moving people today while growing with the city tomorrow.

Sign structures

There are countless variables that go into designing and manufacturing structures for roadway, traffic and commercial signs.

Product catalog

No one understands the interconnectedness of infrastructure better than Valmont Structures. Our portfolio of infrastructure solutions is one of the most complete in the industry. Explore our product catalog and see what we can do for you.

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Valmont® SM
A Rich History of Growth
Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of customers, including offshore oil and gas, wind energy, transmission towers, material handling systems, infrastructure, steel construction and pressure vessels.
Operating With Integrity
Valmont Structures is one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure solutions. We achieved it through our commitment to single idea: integrity. Integrity doesn’t just define the precision of our custom engineered solutions and time-tested manufacturing process. Integrity also defines how we work with our customers, suppliers and partners across the street and around the world. Whether it’s lighting, traffic, mass transit or signage, solutions from Valmont Structures deliver integrity.