Specification subject to chosen factory to complement project requirements/dynamics.
General Height: 4 -8 m
Mast / Solar Module Diameter: 178mm / 200mm
Mast Material: Steel
Finishing: Powder coating / Anodizing
Mounting: Foot plate / concrete / ground screw
Operating Temperature: -20˚C to 60˚C
Solar Solar Modules: 1-3
Solar Cells: Monocrystaline silicon (>23% efficiency)
Outter Material: Borosilicate glass
Max, Power Point Tracking: 4 channels per solar module
Lighting Max LED Power: 180 W
LED Driver: Custom
Dimming: Dynamic
Battery Battery Type: Lithium (LFP, NMC, LTO)
Capacity: Up to 3700Wh
Connectivity Connectivity Type: GSM, RF
Remote Programming and monitoring: Yes
Automatic Sunrise/set tracking: Yes
Options Motion detection, WiFi access point,
USB charging ports, pyranometer,
weather station, smart city sensors
Solar lighting columns have been around for quite some time now, but today there is a new product on the market. Thanks to a joint development between FlexSol Solutions and Valmont the next generation of solar lighting columns is available for your next project.

The right team for the job... Valmont® Structures is widely regarded as the global market leader when it comes to lighting columns. Valmont offers access to top design support, expert engineers, skilled craftsmen, and a network of production facilities spanning the globe. Likewise, FlexSol Solutions is at the forefront of solar technology, and silicon solar cells. This breakthrough technology makes the production of ultramodern, cylindrical solar modules possible.

By combining forces, Valmont and FlexSol Solutions are proud to bring a new level of efficiency and beauty to the world of solar powered lighting.
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